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Amateur Radio | Mark Dallner

Mark Dallner

A Veteran's Resouce, A Work in Progress


This is going to be my page to document things I have learned about my amateur radio rigs.

I currently own an Icom IC-7300, Yaesu FT-817 & FT 817nd, FTM-400xdr and FT2DR.

My main interest is Emergency Communications via FLDigi and Pactor.

I have successfully configured my IC-7300 & SCS PTC-IIIusb (Pactor) to send and retrieve email via HF. And Configured my FT-817s & FTM-400xdr to send and receive messages via FLDigi MT63 2KL. I sent a message via FLDigi HF & VHF on the FT-817s. The antennas were not that far apart and at the lower RF power settings.

Current project os to get the SCS PTC-IIIusb and FT-817 settings recorded for HF Pactor.

I will be writing up the configuration settings and posting them so that others may benefit from my experience and cut their leaning curve. Seems just when I think I have gotten it set, I get a "variation" of some kind so that I have more experience to gain. This is can be a very humbling hobby. I know that I am new to this hobby and I have learned to listen to others with greater experience. Which is quite of few people.