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Critical Thinking | Mark Dallner
Critical Thinking: Questions to ask. And answers to seek.

Who benefits from this?
Who is this harmful to?
Who makes decisions about this?
Who is most directly affected?
Who have you also heard discuss this?
Who deserves recognition for this?

What are the strengths & weaknesses?
What is another perspective?
What is another alternative?
What would be a counter argument?
What is the best or worst case scenario?
What is most and least important?
What can we do to make a positive change?
What is getting in the way of our action?

Where would we see this in the real world?
Where is there similar concepts and or situations?
Where is the most need for this?
Where in the world would this be a problem?
Where can we get more information?
Where do we go for help with this?
Where are the areas for improvement?

When is this acceptable and unacceptable?
When would this benefit our society?
When would this cause a problem?
When is the best time to take action?
When will we know we’ve succeeded?
When has this played a part in our history?
When can we expect this to change?
When should we ask for help with this?

Why is this a problem or challenge?
Why is it relevant to me and others or others.
Why is this the best or worst scenario?
Why are people influenced by this?
Why should people know about this?
Why has ti been this way for so long?
Why have we allowed this to happen?
Why is there a need for this today?

How is this similar to _________________?
How does this disrupt things?
How do we know the truth about this?
How will we approach this safely?
How does this benefit us and or others?
How does this harm us and or others?
How do we see this in the future?
How can we change this for our good?