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Amateur Radio | Mark Dallner

Mark Dallner

A Veteran's Resouce, A Work in Progress


This is going to be my page to document things I have learned about my amateur radio rigs.

I currently own an Icom IC-7300, Yaesu FT-817 & FT 817nd, FTM-400xdr and FT2DR.

My main interest is Emergency Communications via FLDigi and Pactor.

I have successfully configured my IC-7300 & SCS PTC-IIIusb (Pactor) to send and retrieve email via HF. And Configured my FT-817s & FTM-400xdr to send and receive messages via FLDigi MT63 2KL. I sent a message via FLDigi HF & VHF on the FT-817s. The antennas were not that far apart and at the lower RF power settings.

Current project os to get the SCS PTC-IIIusb and FT-817 settings recorded for HF Pactor. I may need to reconsider the QRP option. My RF power setting on the IC-7300 is 50% for successful connections.

I will be writing up the configuration settings and posting them so that others may benefit from my experience and cut their leaning curve. Seems just when I think I have gotten it set, I get a "variation" of some kind so that I have more experience to gain. This is can be a very humbling hobby. I know that I am new to this hobby and I have learned to listen to others with greater experience. Which is quite of few people.

This is a very slow process. You would think that somebody out there in Never Never Land has done this before. The Google/Bing/whatever searches show up a lot of information that is incomplete or very limited in scope.

Received my Army MARS call sign and help from Chis Glass in Racine to get configured and it is moving forward. Receiving messages and still needing get the out going message configuration confirmed.

I am using my IC-7300 with the internal sound card.

Today, 11/24/2017, I got the MARS software to key the 7300! Saved the settings on the IC 7300 to the SD Card and then snapped pictures of the appropriate screens in the Mars Software.

Then again, things blow up. Didn't let the smoke out though.
So things aren't working. Dern…