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Mark Dallner

A Veteran's Resouce, A Work in Progress

this is not an endorsement any of these sites. I found them and it is up to you to decide if they work for you. Do your due diligence to check these folks out. If you find that any of the resources are "inappropriate" let me know.

Boots & Bible

Moral Injury is the 'Signature Wound' Of Today's Veterans a NPR report by Terry Gross with journalist David Wood.
This includes a link to a three-part series that Wood wrote for the Huffington Post.

Soldier's Heart a foundation by Ed Tick article on Moral Injury.

Religion & Ethics Piece on Moral Injury June 2015

Project Welcome Home Troops

Illegally Healed

Lutheran Minister Preaches a Gospel Of Love To Junkies, Drag Queens and Outsiders

Home remodeling for disability and special needs, What you need to know. Michael Sledd.

Home remodeling from US Insurance Agents.

Mindfullness based therapy eases PTSD symptoms of veterans.

15 Soldiers revel the truth about their time in Afghanistan.

Catholic Peace Fellowship

Household Quotes co uk