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Mark Dallner

A Veteran's Resouce, A Work in Progress

This is not an endorsement any of these sites. I found them and some have been recommended or asked to be added. It is up to you to decide if they work for you. Do your due diligence. I have attempted to sort the information as best I can. If you find that any of the resources are "inappropriate" let me know.

And thank you to the people who find this site and recommend additional resources that they find helpful.

11 Rules for success, from the people who got it right
Steve Job's ten rules of success.
Warren Buffet's ten rules of success.

Support for Veterans and Their Struggles
US Department of Veteran Affairs Crisis Hotline

A Veteran's Guide to Health and Nutrition

Addiction Treatment Set your browser to allow popups
American Addiction Centers a mesothelioma law firm.
Denver Recovery Center
Disability Calculator
Guide to Finding a PTSD Therapist
Mesothelioma Lawyer Center
Mesothelioma Guide
PTSD and Substance Abuse Help for Veterans
PTSD/Disability Lawyers
PTSD and Sleep
Sleep Disorder solutions for Vets

Boots & Bible
Catholic Peace Fellowship
Lutheran Minister Preaches a Gospel Of Love To Junkies, Drag Queens and Outsiders
Mindfullness based therapy eases PTSD symptoms of veterans.

Moral Injury is the 'Signature Wound' Of Today's Veterans a NPR report by Terry Gross with journalist David Wood.
This includes a link to a three-part series that Wood wrote for the Huffington Post.

Afterwar: Healing the Moral Wounds of our Soldiers, by Nancy Sherman article on Moral Injury.
Religion & Ethics Piece on Moral Injury June 2015
Soldier's Heart a foundation by Ed Tick

Project Welcome Home Troops

Illegally Healed

Angie's List information about wheelchair access
Creating a Wheelchair Friendly Home, Manhattan Beach, CA
Dealsptr Resources for a wide verity of different ability needs.
Home remodeling for disability and special needs, What you need to know. Michael Sledd.
Home remodeling from US Insurance Agents.
Household Quotes co uk
Home Safety for People with Disabilities
Veteran's Guide to Saving on Housing Costs

Traveling with Disabilities Resource

15 Soldiers revel the truth about their time in Afghanistan.

VA & SBA Financial information from LendEDU

Credit Guide for Military Members and Their Families
A Comprehensive Guide to Veteran Discounts
Credit guide for military members and their families
Financial Benefits of a Military Career Financial Assistance for Homeless Vets
Free Grants for Veterans
Tips and Tricks to Safely Buy a Car as a Military Family
Veterans Benefits for Financial Security and Retirement

Homes for Homeless Vets
Homeless Veterans’ Resources
How to Stop Living Out of Your Car - Guide for Homeless Vets
National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

Legal Advice for Veterans
Legal Support for Iraq & Afghanistan Vets

Planning for Life after Discharge
Transition to Civilian Life
The Military Guide For future, current and former military service members.
Surviving Spouses Resources

ASVAB Practice Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Battery Practice Test
Best Jobs for Returning Service members