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Other Resources | Mark Dallner
There have been suggested link additions for resources already on this site. One posting is usually enough. Thank you.

This is not an endorsement any of these sites. I found them and some have been recommended or asked to be added. It is up to you to decide if they work for you. Do your due diligence. I have attempted to sort the information as best I can. If you find that any of the resources are "inappropriate" let me know.

VETS, signup for the emails from the VA for notifications of services by logging on to your credentials. There are SOOO many resources available. DO IT.

And thank you to the people who find this site and recommend additional resources that they find helpful.

COVID 19 Military Support Initiative
Resources for Student Veterans During COVID-19

SNAP Benefits

Agent Orange Exposure on US Navy and Coast Guard ships
Also known as the Blue Water Navy/Coast Guard Agent Orange Bill of 2019
Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019
Agent Orange exposure and VA disability compensation
US Navy Ship Deck Logs Digitized
National Archives Website for Deck logs
A very big work in progress

11 Rules for success, from the people who got it right
Steve Job's ten rules of success.
Warren Buffet's ten rules of success.

Life Saving Ayahuasca Journey: Healing the Warrior Within

Career Resources for Vets
Counseling Degrees Online
EssayOnTime Veteran's Resources
Psychology Degrees Online
Veteran's Guide to Job Search in 2020

Affordable Online Colleges

Cyber Security Education Online On Campus
Online Schools Report
Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment

A Guide to Skilled Trade Work for Returning Service Members
A Guide to Remote Digital Jobs for Returning Service Members
Resource Guide for Veterans: Transitioning to a Career to Construction
and Home Services Industries

Computer Security for Small Business
Cyber Security Risk Management for Small Business
Protect Kids on Line a ToDo List
Staying Safe from Cyber Security Threats

Moving for Seniors, The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Move
Relocation Calculator: How to

Support for Veterans and Their Struggles
US Department of Veteran Affairs Crisis Hotline
2019 Care giver Resource Guide from the VA
National Resource Directory
VFW Financial Grants

National Resource Directory Veteran's Administration

A Veteran's Guide to Health and Nutrition
Free Recipes and Cookbooks for Vets from the VA

1st Step Behavior Health
Addiction Resources for American Communities
Addiction Resources for Veterans
Addiction Treatment Set your browser to allow popups
Alcohol Abuse and Mental Health
Alcohol Abuse During COVID-19
Alchohol Rehab Guide
Alchohol Rehab Help
American Addiction Centers
Amethyst Recovery Center, Florida a mesothelioma law firm.
Best at home body weight workouts
Better Path To Sleep
Coastal Detox In Florida
Common Sleep Disorders
Contingency Management (Addiction Fighting)
Covid Guide for Seniors
Dental Care Assistance for Veterans
Denver Recovery Center
Disability Calculator
Free Mental Health Resources For Veterans
Granite Mountain Behavioral Health, Arizona
Guide for parents of children with sleep apnea
Guide to Finding a PTSD Therapist
Hearing Health for Veterans
Incontinence Myths
Incontinence Exercises for Women
Incontinence In Women
How to pay for Addiction Treatment
Know your DNA, Can DNA predict Addiction?
Mask effectiveness Surgical and N95
Mesothelioma Information
Mesothelioma Lawyer Center
Mesothelioma Guide
Mesothelioma Hub
Mesothelioma Trust Funds
Mesothelioma and Veterans
Military Discounts for Gym Lovers
Lung Cancer in the Military
Northbound Addiction Treatment Services
PTSD and Substance Abuse Help for Veterans
PTSD/Disability Lawyers
PTSD and Drug Addiction @ Addiction
PTSD and Sleep
Understanding PTSD and the Effects on Sleep
Sana Lake Recovery Center
Sleep Apnea in Adults (Beyond the Basics)
Sleep Disorder solutions for Vets
Sleepopolis Sleep & Mental Health
Sleep and Aging, Improving Sleep Quality in the Elderly
The Freedom Center
Ultimate Guide to Strength Sports for Veterans
Veteran Substance Abuse Treatment
Vision A resource for vision issues.
Wearable Technology Guide for People with Disabilities
Wearable Technology is Changing the Live of People with Disabilities
Women's Guide to on how to manage an overactive bladder

Ileagally Healed
This link was broken for a bit and worked as of January 25, 2020

Boots & Bible
Catholic Peace Fellowship
Lutheran Minister Preaches a Gospel Of Love To Junkies, Drag Queens and Outsiders
Mindfullness based therapy eases PTSD symptoms of veterans.

Moral Injury is the 'Signature Wound' Of Today's Veterans a NPR report by Terry Gross with journalist David Wood.
This includes a link to a three-part series that Wood wrote for the Huffington Post

Afterwar: Healing the Moral Wounds of our Soldiers, by Nancy Sherman article on Moral Injury.
Religion & Ethics Piece on Moral Injury June 2015
Soldier's Heart a foundation by Ed Tick

Project Welcome Home Troops
Find a fellow Vet

Angie's List information about wheelchair access
Bathroom Mods for Seniors & people with disabilities
Completer Guide to Home Modifications to Prevent Seniors from Falling
Creating a Wheelchair Friendly Home, Manhattan Beach, CA
Dealsptr Resources for a wide verity of different ability needs.
Fall Prevention
Home buying Guide for Veterans
Home remodeling for disability and special needs, What you need to know. Michael Sledd.
Home remodeling from US Insurance Agents.
Household Quotes co uk
Home Safety for People with Disabilities
How Does Veterans Housing Assistance work with Apartments
How to choose an assisted living home
How to Safely Pick up a Senior after a Fall
Keep your home safe
Legal Guide for Seniors
Mortgage Help for Veterans
San Diego Home Buyer
Veteran's Guide to Saving on Housing Costs
Veteran Toolbox Program, real Tools to fix stuff!!
You’ve Earned It: Housing Grants Can Help Disabled Veterans

Traveling with Disabilities Resource
Military Guide to Moving and Storage

15 Soldiers revel the truth about their time in Afghanistan.

VA & SBA Financial information from LendEDU

Credit Guide for Military Members and Their Families
A Comprehensive Guide to Veteran Discounts
Credit guide for military members and their families
Deploy Care
Financial Assistance for Single Mothers
Financial Benefits of a Military Career
Financial Relief & Discount Guide for Veterans with Disabilities
Fraud Avoidance for Veterans
Free Grants for Felons VA Mortgage Rates VA Home Improvement
Mortgage Load Document Checklist
VA Loan Calculator: US Dept of Veterans Affairs Mortgage Calculator
Moving Companies That Offer Military Discounts
What Documents do I need to sell my house
Financial Assistance for Homeless Vets
Financial Resources for Discounts for Military Families
Free Grants For Women
Free Grants for Veterans
Native American Grants
Small Business Loans for Veterans
Tips and Tricks to Safely Buy a Car as a Military Family
Veterans Benefits for Financial Security and Retirement
Family Services near you
Homes for Homeless Vets
Homeless Veterans’ Resources
How to Stop Living Out of Your Car - Guide for Homeless Vets
National Coalition for Homeless Veterans
Resource Guide for Homeless Veterans
Top 100 places that offer military discounts.

Legal Advice for Veterans
Legal Support for Iraq & Afghanistan Vets

Planning for Life after Discharge
Transition to Civilian Life
The Military Guide For future, current and former military service members.
Surviving Spouses Resources

ASVAB Practice Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Battery Practice Test
Best Jobs for Returning Service members